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Steadicam Operator / Cinematographer



San Francisco, Bay Area-based Steadicam Operator / Cinematographer. 

When I'm behind the camera I focus on capturing the form, contrast, movement, and energy of your scene. It's what's in front of the camera that counts. I operate Steadicam and A-Camera for commercials, network television, feature films, documentaries and metal videos. Let's roll.

Steadicam Operators Association Sustaining Member. 
Bachelor of Science, San Diego State University, School of Television, Film and New Media.
San Francisco born, Oakland resident, San Diego raised. California microclimates inspire my work — Ocean, desert, mountains, music—the West coast is my home.



GPI Pro — Cinelive with Pro Titan Arm and Vest, Teradek Bolt Pro 300 Wireless HD Video, Focus Assist, Director's Monitor, Bartec Digital Follow Focus, Magliner Cart, and more.